Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Signing Day

Today is college football connoisseur Christmas.  It is Signing Day.  This is the day where high school seniors and junior college standouts officially commit to a university football program, signing their next three to five years over to a coaching staff, a university body, and to a fan base.  This single choice can make or break their career depending on a slew of influences beyond the recruit’s control.
I had a Signing Day of a sort while writing my last blog.  There wasn’t the same kind of fanfare that accompanies a top recruit inking his name to the line, but the commitment is the same.  In order to accept my February challenge of living more positively, I had to make a commitment to myself.  I committed to being positive.
Unlike the college recruits, my commitment shouldn’t have a shelf life.  Most of these athletes will be part of the squad at least four years.  Some schools will red-shirt them for a year, elongating their eligibility to five years.  If they happen to injure themselves during their college experience, they could even gain a sixth year of eligibility.  If they are good enough, they might even declare for the NFL after three.
My commitment to retaining a positive outlook on life is indefinite.  There is no expiration date when it comes to changing your life.  No person with physical addictions ever wants to quit for just a few years; they want to quit for good.  By signing up to live a more positive life, I am quitting negativity, not just putting it on hiatus.
Another difference between the young football players and myself are the benefits that accompany the commitment.  They have to finish high school, move to college, pass their classes, practice, work out, then win football games while performing at a high level.  Their big payoff is down the road, assuming they have worked hard enough, are talented enough, and have gained the right notice from scouts and pundits.  
My commitment to finding positivity begins paying off right now.  Immediately, my human interaction gains an extra level of connection as I look for the positives.  I look for reasons to love everyone I meet.  I look to celebrate simple moments.  
Sure, there is as much work happening within my soul to maintain my positive positioning as there is with the future linebacker or wide receiver to become stronger, quicker, and more agile.  While they spend time working on their bodies, I spend time crafting my spirit.  They will see results just as I will, but while both sets of results are personal, mine are intangible and immediate.  

Signing up for any commitment takes strength.  These young men are choosing a college to craft their future, and whether or not they know it, their decision can have a long lasting impact on their success.  Committing to personal change takes strength as well, and it is strength all of us can find within.  If there is something you dislike about yourself, make a commitment, sign a contract.  Making that decision is definitely scary, but finding the faith to go through with it is the first step towards something beautiful.
Today is Signing Day.  What is your commitment?

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