Sunday, January 29, 2012

When in Doubt, Say Thanks!

One of my readers recently issued a challenge.  While I am not sure the intention was to drive me in a different direction than I am currently headed, it certainly knocked me off my course for a little bit.  Now, I am happy to say, I have faith I am back on track, albeit a different one.
The reader didn’t issue a challenge straight-up, medieval style, slapping a glove across my face.  In fact, I am not sure the point was ever to challenge me at all.  Needless to say, the result is the same - I need to take a more positive view of the world in which I live.
Looking back on the course my blog has taken, I see the message has altered, straying from my original uplifting and positive messages focusing on how to live a better life.  Lately, I seem to live in a semi-cynical world, full of selfish people only interested in self-serving opportunity - at least, that is what my blog might have you believe.  I know this is not the world I live in.  I have let myself develop tunnel vision, focusing only on those people whose actions and words seem to force my conclusions into an ego-driven corner.
February will be my challenge.  I will remain positive every day, looking for the best in every situation.  Instead of looking for the worst in people, I will actively make the choice to see the perfection hiding behind a scared and hurt facade.  I will find opportunities to practice what I have preached in my blogs, working to help the people who share my existence find the same positivity in their own universe.  Then, I will come write about it.
I know the first few days, maybe even weeks, could be challenging.  While I fear that I might have been marinating in this negative stew for a while now, I am confident my destiny lies somewhere other than cynicism.  
My first step, and probably the most important, is to always be thankful for what the universe brings my way.  Every situation offers a teachable moment, no matter how negative it might appear at first.  Finding those lessons and building upon them is primary to my success.  At the very least, I will be thankful for the learning opportunity brought to me.
Laying a foundation in thankfulness should help direct me towards the positive goal I hope to achieve.  By establishing my life in a place of thanks, I can be confident that my mindset will begin to change.  How fast change occurs depends on how devoted I am to finding the best in every situation.
I would like to challenge you with the same goal.  Make February the month you determine to find positivity in every experience.  See the best in everyone you meet.  Look behind upsetting actions and words and see the real person, then find a reason to love them.  Share your experiences by emailing me or commenting on the blog.  I would love to know what obstacles everyone else has overcome in the drive to discover the world we live in is, in fact, awesome.

Frank Chambers


  1. I like the new outlook on your future horizon. Wether you right a negative commentary or positive your trying to make your readers think a little bit outside their box....

    Frank III

    1. Thanks Dad. I think it is time to turn it around a little bit. If I help some people along the way, then great!